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Friday, October 15, 2010

Reasons to Get Crochet Braids

               Photo: Model with Trendy Crochet Braids Look by Beauty & Braids

Crochet braids hairstyles are perfect for those long cold winter months and are best suited for those of you who want to give your hair a break or just grow out your natural hair. Winter can take a toll on our fragile hair whether it is relaxed or in its natural state. Chemically treated hair such as relaxed and colored hair is more likely to the undergo damage caused during winter months which are very harsh on black hair.

 Perfect for Winter Months
The dryness caused from the harsh cold air along with exposure to dry air in heated rooms and buildings can be very on damaging to black hair. Crochet braids can be used to protect your hair during this season of the year.  Not only would crochet braids protect your hair but it would also keep your head warm during the winter months.

 Regrowing Hair
If you are trying to grow out your natural hair crochet braids is one of your best hair styling options. It gives your hair that much needed rest period without having to compromise on style. Crochet braids are quite trendy and can be created using different types of hair braids. It can also be combined with a cornrow look for versatility.

Low Maintenance
Most women who wear crochet braids enjoy this hairstyle because it offers a chic, low maintenance look. You can wash your hair while wearing crochet braids focusing mainly on the scalp and the hair itself can be maintained with light trimming and by protecting the style while sleeping. It is so easy to wear and offers low maintenance alternative to other hairstyles. With crochet braids you can just get up and go and this makes it one of the most preferred types of braiding styles worn by black women.

Looks Real 
Most crochet braid hairstyles look like your real hair depending on the type of braids you use and the braiding technique used. The curly hair braids offers the most natural look and the crochet braiding technique makes it appear as though the hair has grown from your head. It doesn't look as fake as most weaves or other types of braided hairstyles. It also looks real because it suits the nubian features of most black women. Curly crochet braids look more natural than euro looking hairstyles. You can try creating the look yourself or get it done by an experienced crochet braiding stylist in your area.  To get your crochet braids done in the Michigan / Ohio area click here >>.

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